We continue to pray for all of those affected by COVID-19.  We pray for healing, understanding, patience, and for God to lead us through this time of uncertainty.  In the meantime, Salem is taking the appropriate steps to minimize the spread of this virus.  Here is a list of current cancellations as well as what we intend to continue:

Christian education and worship 3/15: Cancelled
Youth trash pickup 3/15:  Cancelled
Eve Circle 3/16: Cancelled
XYZ 3/18: Cancelled
Lenten meal and worship 3/18: Cancelled
Hand bells and choir 3/18: Cancelled
Food Pantry 3/17:  This is still happening.  The food pantry leadership will be making plans on how to safeguard clients and volunteers during this time.  We anticipate a greater need and a large number of clients.

Property work week 3/16 – 3/21:  This is still happening.  Feel free to come by the church as you are able to help with an assortment of projects.

Prayer:  This is still happening.
We will update more later in the week.
P Derek