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Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church

Nestled in the Shenandoah valley, we are a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. This faith comes through the good news of Jesus Christ and gives us the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what god is up to in the world.  Welcome to a community of faith that is warm, inviting, and eager to follow where the holy spirit leads.  Summer worship time begins at 10:30 AM (for June 5th thru August 28th); please come to share this time with us.

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Church Announcements

Worship time change

On September 10th we will return to our 11 am worship time.  Faith Formation begins at 9:45 am for all ages.

Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s blog – June 2023

Faithful stewards During the month of June, our sermon time in worship will be a bit different.  We will be going through a series called “Living an Abundant Life”.  The purpose of this series is to invite and encourage us to remember that being a faithful steward in...

What to expect on Sunday morning

When do we worship together?

Summer Worship Hours: No Sunday School and Worship service begins at 10:30am.

How should I dress?

Dress at Salem is casual, so come as you are to worship with us!

What is worship like?

Worship at Salem is liturgical, meaning that it follows a pattern that remains the same from week to week. We gather as the Body of Christ, we hear and respond to God’s Word, we share a meal in Holy Communion, and we are sent as disciples into the world. Worship also involves confession and forgiveness, communal prayer, and lots of singing.

Can I take communion?

Anyone who desires to receive Christ through the healing power of his body and blood is welcome at the table to receive communion.

Will my children be welcome in worship?

YES!  At Salem, we encourage our children to be full participants in worship.  There is also a time set apart during worship where children are invited to imagine together how God is active in our world and in our lives.

“Faithful participation in society is integral and vital to the mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America”

As children of God and followers of Jesus, each of us is a part of the body of Christ and individually members of it. For the sake of God’s mission and ministry, God’s people gather together to share their gifts and to work together to share in God’s mission to love and bless the world.