I vividly remember the day it was time for me to learn how to swim.  It had been put off for so long, probably because of my fear and procrastination.  I was maybe in the second grade and many of my friends were already very comfortable in the water.


So there I was on the edge of the pool, trying to muster enough courage to step in, when my instructor came over and said that we’re going to do this a different way.  He said I was going to dive right in!  I was hoping to do this gradually, but he had other plans in mind.  His teaching style was to just dive right in, but there would be people in the pool to help me if I had any trouble.  After much trembling and prayer, in I went.  It wasn’t pretty, but before I knew it, I was swimming.


On September 13th we officially begin the Narrative Lectionary.  There will be no sitting on the edge and gently making our way into the water, instead we’re diving right in on the 13th.  I’ve wanted to try this lectionary for years, and now is as good a time as any to jump in.  As I mentioned last month, we will be hearing one longer reading each Sunday.  Hopefully the rhythm of this lectionary will be a blessing for us each week as we move through God’s story in a new way.


We’ll start off with the story of creation, life in the garden, and then the fall into sin.  The following week, we will hear how God promises Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars.  Then, we end the month with the story of Joseph.  These rich stories which have been handed down from generation to generation remind us how faithful God is to us throughout all of life’s ups and downs.  May God be with us as we begin this new adventure, this new swim, together.



P Derek