On November 3rd, people all over the country will cast their vote for the next president of the United States.  It’s a wonderful privilege that we have in this nation.  But with this privilege comes division, harsh language, and a variety of lawn art that cheers on a specific candidate.  While I fully appreciate our democracy, I’m always relieved when the voting season is behind us.  No more debates.  No more commercials.  No more signs.   

I sometimes wonder if all of our pre-voting shenanigans are worth it.  I think of Acts 1, when those first apostles needed to replace Judas.  They had an important decision to make.  They needed someone who had been with Jesus from his baptism to his resurrection.  They needed a solid candidate who had been a witness to so many miraculous events, important teachings, and holy moments.  It came down to two options:  Justus or Matthias.  But instead of town hall meetings, debates, trash talk, or campaign signs they opted for a different method.  They decided to cast lots.  In other words, they decided to roll the dice to decide the outcome.  It was simple, it was quick, it was decisive.   

OK, maybe that wouldn’t work for us.  We like to hear the issues and where each candidate stands.  We like to make an informed decision.  But rolling the dice sure would be a whole lot easier and a lot less divisive!  I guess what I love about this Acts story is how they moved on after Matthias was chosen.  There was no disagreement on how the lots were cast.  There were no arguments about moving forward – they just did.   

I’m writing this in October, I have no idea what will happen on 11/3.  But I sure hope that no matter what the outcome, we will find a way to move on.  I know there will be disappointment and elation.  But as a people, as a nation, I pray we find grace for each other and remember that we are called to move forward as brothers and sisters in this beautiful land.  I pray for our next president and all that he will be faced with concerning so many divided minds.  I pray for faith, hope, and love.  I pray that we find a way to move on.   


In God’s peace, 

Pastor Derek