Our Lenten Journey begins on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd.  That evening, from the 10th chapter of John, we will hear Jesus say: I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  It’s a powerful statement, but what kind of abundance is Jesus talking about?  I don’t think it’s about having an abundance of TV’s, cars, retirement accounts, or vacation time.  Instead, I think the abundant life Jesus is referring to involves discipleship things like serving, loving, prayer, giving, worshipping, and finding wholeness in lives of faith.

Also on Ash Wednesday, we will hear that Jesus is our good shepherd, and how we are called to follow him because we know his voice.  There are many voices out in the world that try to tell us that we need this or that to be fully happy.  Voices try to convince us that without this or that our lives will somehow be less than they are now.  Voices try to persuade us what a truly abundant life looks like, and this doesn’t always include the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

So this year during Lent, when we gather for a light meal and time of worship in the Imagine Center, we will be listening to the voices of each other in a God-with-us kind of way.  Each evening, I will ask a question for you to consider and discuss around your table.

Each of these questions will simply be, “Where have you seen God lately?”  Week 1: In creation?  Week 2: In friends/family?  Week 3: In serving/giving?  Week 4: In prayer/worship?  Week 5: In the unexpected?

Here will be a time to share with each other how the abundant life with Christ doesn’t always have to be in the big and spectacular, but also in the quiet moments of life.  This will be an opportunity to notice God at work in the small corners and the large hallways, in the shouts and in the whispers, in the love received and the love given.


Looking forward to our journey together,

Pastor Derek