This year Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fell on the same date. The last time that happened was in 1945. Also this year, Easter and April fool’s day share the same spot on the calendar. The last time that happened was 1956. It was a little strange back on February 14th, honoring both days that seem very different from one another. And looking toward Easter, there could be a little “fun” mixed up with Resurrection Day. But in between these two times lies the season of Lent where we are reminded to repent, or turn toward God. We then arrive to Holy Week, beginning with a parade of palms and ending with shouts of “Alleluia!”

Although Holy Week can be both physically and spiritually exhausting, I find it to be the most meaningful segment of the church year. It’s during Holy Week that we remember the command to love one another. It’s during Holy Week that we are thrust into the story of Christ’s suffering and death. It’s during Holy Week that we discover a God who is victorious over death.

This year at Salem, we will be holding an Easter Vigil on the Saturday of Holy Week. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. you are invited to come to the sanctuary and pray. We will have a schedule printed out for 30-minute time slots so you may come at a time that suits your schedule.

We are offering this as a time to come and experience holy ground. You may have people in mind that need prayer. You may have concerns that need lifting up. You may just want to come and do some holy listening.

If you find you need more than 30 minutes, that’s OK, take as long as you need. If you find 30 minutes to be too long, that’s OK, leave when you’re ready. If you forget to sign up, don’t let that stop you from dropping by anyway. There is no structure for your holy time, it will be what you make of it and how the Holy Spirit stirs your soul.

Whatever your situation may be during this Holy Week, my prayer is that you are able to find some holy ground to be renewed in spirit. My prayer is that Holy Week for you will be just that – HOLY.

Peace, P Derek