Faithful stewards

During the month of June, our sermon time in worship will be a bit different.  We will be going through a series called “Living an Abundant Life”.  The purpose of this series is to invite and encourage us to remember that being a faithful steward in God’s Kingdom involves more than just money, but our entire selves.  One of my favorite authors is Mark Allan Powell who writes, “Stewardship means giving 100 percent to God”.  Notice he doesn’t say 10 percent, because Dr. Powell is not simply speaking about money, but our entire lives as disciples of Jesus.  Faithful stewardship involves our financial resources, but it also includes everything else.  Therefore, during June we will be looking at ways some of you live this out.  Here’s the schedule:

6/4 – Having Trust

6/11 – Living Generously

6/18 – Being Thankful

6/25 – Experiencing a Servant Heart

Each Sunday we will hear a scripture verse about this specific topic, then I will give a brief reflection, and then someone will share a story about this theme in their life.  I’m looking forward to this journey, and hearing from you how the Holy Spirit stirs your soul and leads you out into the world.


Walking with you,

Pastor Derek