Over the past several months many of us have experienced loss in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, there’s been the loss of life.  We mourn with those who have had family or friends die from Coronavirus or from other causes.  Some have experienced loss in the form of income.  Some have experienced loss by not seeing family or friends.  Some have experienced loss because special events were cancelled.  The list goes on and on as this pandemic continues to alter the way we live, act, and engage in God’s creation.

We also mourn the loss of many church activities that we were expecting to have during the spring and summer.  At this point, the leadership of Salem continues to monitor the situation by listening to the Synod’s recommendations, Virginia’s guidelines and requirements, and our own sense of the most faithful way to be the church during this time.  We’ve had to learn to do things differently, but at the same time, seeing God’s ongoing activity around us.

Another sad reality is that Vacation Bible School will not be happening this year like it normally does.  There will be no decorating, no fun singing & dancing, no dunking booth, no macaroni and cheese in the Imagine Center, and no fun crafty things to make.  However, we will be offering something that I hope you find fun and meaningful.  I will be making a series of videos called Exploring God’s Kingdom.  I will make these available sometime in July on our website.  My plan is to film these videos in different places and explore all the wonderful and various things God has created.  Each video will include a Bible verse for you to ponder.

These videos will be for the young and for the young-at-heart.  You can go through them all in one day, or do one per day, or however else you decide to fit them into your schedule.  I’m looking forward to this new opportunity and hopefully it becomes one more way to be the church together during this difficult time.



Pastor Derek