Lent is a time for reflection. We will hear stories about temptation and how Jesus welcomed the sinner. We will hear about losing our life, taking up our cross and following Christ. We will reflect on our own dying and rising through baptism. We will reflect on what it means to love God and neighbor. Lent is a time to reflect on what our faith in Jesus Christ means as a disciple in today’s world. Along with this time of reflection, we are also called to action. The Greek word metanoia means turning. As Jesus turned the world upside down, we are called throughout these forty days to turn our lives upside down (or right side up).

One way to do this is to join with those in our community who are faithfully making an effort to love our neighbor. The area in and around Mount Sidney has an assortment of agencies which continually reach out to those in need. Therefore, during Lent we have invited some of these folks to come and share with us their mission and how we can participate with them in helping the least of these.

You are invited to join us each Wednesday evening during Lent for a meal at 6:15 pm in the Imagine Center, followed by Holden Evening Prayer at 7 pm. During our time of worship, one of our local agencies will give a brief description of their ministry. We will announce prior to each Wednesday what you can bring as a donation each evening for that particular ministry. Here is an opportunity to metanoia – to turn, reflect, learn and come together as the Body of Christ.

May God bless us throughout these forty days.

Pastor Derek