Please bear with me this month because I’m not a poet, not even close. Yet I was inspired to write down these thoughts as the beauty of autumn captured my attention. As I watched the trees in this lovely valley transform the landscape around us, I reflected on the wonder of God’s divine activity in the world. So here goes…

If I were a tree, a sanctuary I would be. My limbs are great and wide.
Birds would nest, and squirrels would hide.

If I were a tree, a shelter I would be. My limbs are great and wide.
Children would huddle and couples would cuddle.

If I were a tree, feeding the hungry I would be. Nuts would fall and fruit would bear.
Living things would flock from everywhere.

If I were a tree, lumber I would be. They’d cut me down and saw me
up. Then move me indoors to become hardwood floors.

If I were a tree, a jungle gym I would be. They’d swing from my branches and climb me high.
Some would fall, and I would cry.

If I were a tree, how beautiful I would be. I’d change color throughout the seasons.
From dark green to bright orange, never asking the reasons.

If I were a tree, how unselfish I would be. I’d stand there and let them have their way.
I would not run, I would not hide – besides I’m a tree I’d just be the gift God created of me.

In Psalm 1 we hear these words: They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season. What if we were more like trees in our daily discipleship? Standing tall where we are planted as beautiful gifts, created to be servants of the Gospel and images of our living God. During this season of Advent and Christmas, I pray that we remember how God continues to break into our world and into our lives. I hope we realize how things change because of this holy presence, and how we are called to be bearers of good news and great joy to all who cross our path.

Pastor Derek