The problem with Easter

The season of spring will soon be upon us.  It’s a beautiful time of the year as birds sing louder, trees are budding, and flowers are blooming.  We say goodbye to dark and cold days and welcome in the newness.  This is the cycle of seasons we know and love each year.

And then there’s the season of Easter.  We will gather in our cemetery this year for a community sunrise service at 7 am.  I imagine the birds will be singing “alleluia”, the trees will be clapping their hands, and the flowers will be celebrating with us.


This isn’t how it’s supposed to work.  The natural world might understand death, decay, and new life, but this morning is different.  This morning defies the natural order of things.  Jesus died.  Jesus was buried.  That’s supposed to be the end of it.  But God abruptly changes everything we thought we knew on that holy morning.  Jesus is raised from the dead.

Logic screams at us that this cannot be possible.  Logic points to the natural order of things in creation.  Logic stares us down as we assemble to worship in a cemetery.  The shadow of logic stands behind us as trumpets play, bells ring, and people proclaim, He is risen indeed!  And that can become a real problem for all of us logical thinkers.  But does God care about our logic on this holy day?  I would say that any problems we might have with believing in the resurrection is our problem, not God’s.  God is simply being God.  God is defying the natural order that God created and shows us that anything is possible.

As Easter approaches once again, and our soul prepares for a special day of holy surprises, I invite you to check your logic at the door.  Enter into this celebration of life and hope with a child-like wonder.  Christ is Risen?  Christ is Risen!!  Alleluia!!!


In Christ,

Pastor Derek