Imagine life without Easter.  No rebirth, no renewal, no new life.  Imagine what it would be like for leaves to fall from a tree, and those branches remain barren the rest of its life.  Imagine what it would be like for a flower to die in winter, and never bloom again in the spring.  Imagine what it would be like for grass to turn brown, and never again return to a lush green.  It‘s hard to imagine a world where death wins, because we’re used to the renewal of color found in nature.  We expect it every year, we know it’s coming, and we look forward to it.

God, our creator, has given us signs in nature that point to the truth of resurrection.  We see it each spring and we smile knowing that our world is not defined by death.  A little Alleluia springs from our soul whenever new life emerges.  I can’t imagine a world where death wins.  I can’t imagine life without Easter.

The other day I took a walk around our cemetery.  I read many words above resting souls that were filled with hope.  I saw words like eternal, love, peace, and not forgotten.  Those words for me were like a blooming flower or a budding tree.  Those words on such holy ground brought a smile to face.  We don’t live in a world where death wins.  We live in a world full of promise.  We live in a world where seasons come and go, but in the end Easter wins and colors our lives with the grace of God.

Whatever kind of death you may be experiencing right now, my prayer for you as we enter Holy Week is that you trust in the one who brings life.  I pray for color to return to your world.  I pray for a smile to return to your face.  I pray for an Alleluia to be sung from your heart.  I pray for Easter to surround all of you.

Pastor Derek