It’s that time of the year again. Soon the colors around us will change from brown to green. Lawn mowers will be dusted off, people will spend more time outside, children will be on their bikes, and trees will show signs of new growth. Springtime is near. We wait in anticipation for seventy and eighty degree-days. We look forward to getting the boat out on the lake, family picnics, and vacation time at the beach or mountains. Springtime – it’s like all of a sudden we’re filled with a sense of newness, with renewed energy, and with a renewed spirit. Unfortunately, some of us are also plagued with renewed allergies!

It’s only fitting that Easter falls right at the beginning of spring. We’re reminded during this season about the new life that is promised to us through Christ. We see through the blooming flowers how our lives can be transformed from nothingness to beautiful signs of God’s creation. We are reminded during this time of the year how we are given new opportunities for growth and new opportunities for moving on. Throughout Lent we have been focusing on the cross, we have been re-examining our lives as disciples. We’ve been reminded that in no way can we make it on our own, but that only through Christ are we made a new creation.

But now spring is in the air – Easter is in the air. Just as the disciples saw a new day after Christ’s resurrection, we too are given a new day this Easter season. My hope during this time of newness is that we will each discover again how much God loves us, how much grace has been poured out to us, and how our renewed spirits may better serve our Lord. Easter is in the air, a new day is upon us, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Pastor Derek