Finding a peaceful place

To have a place where you can go and feel at peace is so important for our spirit.  For some, it could be a favorite park bench where you watch children and dogs play.  It could be a leisurely walk on the beach or a hike on a mountain trail.  It could be sitting in a pew at church.  It could be a favorite space in your home.  It could be a comfortable chair with a knitting project.  It could be in a treestand in the fall or by a fishing stream in the spring.  For me, I have a chair in the woods of my backyard that I consider a place of peace.  When I go there, I try to let the worries of the day evaporate into the canopy of trees above me.

It makes me wonder what places of peace Jesus found during his time here.  Did he find peace in the Garden of Gethsemane?    Did he find peace while washing the feet of his disciples?  Did he find peace whenever he went up a mountain to pray?  I hope he did.  The story of Jesus seems to happen so quickly and sometimes I find myself needing a breath between scenes.  Wherever and whenever it was, I hope Jesus was able to take a breath and find peace when he really needed some spirit-growing time.  I often wonder if he had any special places, like my chair in the woods, where he could just let the worries of the day evaporate.

We have much to worry about: health, relationships, family matters, job concerns, money, and whatever else we want to place here ______________.  Finding a place of peace may not make these worries totally go away, but for the sake of your spirit, I pray they fade away for at least a while, long enough for a renewing breath.

Holy and Gracious God, lead me to a place of renewal and rebirth.  When I can’t find that place, let that place find me.  When I’m too busy or too consumed by whatever is holding me captive, bless my life and my spirit with Sabbath time.  Take my worries, at least for moment, and hold them for me.  Allow me a time of peace, a place of peace where I can rest with you.    Amen.



Pastor Derek