Older Historical Salem Documents and Tidbits

History of Salem - circa 1900

This document was found in 2004 among the possessions of lifelong Salem member Stanley Roller Alexander. It is believed to be a factual account of the first hundred years of the Salem congregation.


Historical data - very old members
This is a spreadsheet of the members of Salem as listed in the document “History_Salem-Circa_1900.pdf”. Note that the dates had to be entered in YYYYMMDD format (text), because Microsoft Excel cannot properly interpret dates prior to 1900.

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History - Charles Curry
This is a letter sent from Charles Curry to A.C. Gorden of Staunton, VA. Mr. Curry was a prominent attorney in Staunton at the time, and is also mentioned in John L. Heatwole’s book “Shenandoah Voices”. The letter is apparently in response to a request for information regarding some research Mr. Gorden was doing in relation to Augusta County. The copy was provided by Paul G. Alexander of Verona, VA (brother to Stanley R. Alexander mentioned above).

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History - The Landes family of Augusta & Rockingham Counties
This document was written by J.F. Landes of Goshen, VA, dated February 22nd, 1924. It was obtained from Ed Young at the annual Young Reunion held at Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church.

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