Our projected voice

It happens all the time.  You’re in church, or a conference, or a large meeting and someone stands up to speak.  The person is offered a microphone, but refuses saying, “I don’t need that, I’m loud enough.”  Loud they may be, but more times than not, someone will be excluded from hearing.

Here at Salem, we record our worship services and put them on YouTube for those who cannot be with us in-person.  Everything is recorded through the microphone, so not using it prohibits anyone online form participating.  For those who are hard of hearing in our sanctuary, saying “I’m loud enough” is like saying “My voice is fine – you’re the problem”.  I’ve certainly been guilty of this in the past, believing I project my voice well and unknowingly exclude others.

I guess the same is true of our proclaiming Christ in the world.  Now in the season of Christmas, how are we projecting our voice in faithful ways?  I’m not saying we need to be louder, but it does make me wonder who we are unknowingly excluding.  I may be quick to share my faith with those I know in my closest circles, but who else needs to hear a word of promise, hope, and grace?  How are my voice and my actions faithfully projecting to the brokenness that surrounds me?

As we move into a new year, I encourage all of us to be aware of who we might be excluding and who needs to hear Emmanuel – God with us.  Yes, it’s important to use the microphone in church, but it’s even more important to Go Tell it on the Mountain, Go Tell it Work, Go tell it at School, Go Tell it Everywhere that Jesus Christ is born, for all people – no exclusions.


In God’s peace,

Pastor Derek